Close gap between screens (frames)

When designing a user flow, we may position each screen (frame) side by side. At some point, we may need to remove some screens (eg reject an alternative design, reorder framers etc). Closing the resultant gap takes manual effort: zoom out, grab a load of screens, drag/shift over.

It would be useful to be able to right-click in the gap and select ‘Close gap’, and all frames to the right are shifted to close the gap (maintaining consistent margins).

Using Auto Layout could be a solution to this? Then you can easily change the gap between frames :straight_ruler: :straight_ruler:

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Yes, that would work. I suppose, mentally, I feel like separate screens need to be kept apart, not in a container frame but I can learn to work that way. Good thinking :+1:

UPDATE: no, unfortunately, this breaks prototyping. Prototype screens need to be in separate top-level frames. Nested them in a parent container (for auto layout purposes) means we can no longer navigate between them. Shame.

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