Change Default Text/Layer Colour option (from #000000)

Let’s imagine an interface that has say, a default text colour that isn’t #000000 (in this case, an assigned style for grey-900).

If there was a way to assign the default layer fill on a text layer to be an assigned hex value or document style, it would save so much time and potential error in manually assigning a colour every time a layer is used. It doesn’t even need to be a stored setting - it would be really nice to have in a session.

I can’t be the only one with this problem, right? It takes a lot of energy to have to keep a check on it every time I’m creating a new layer in any given file. It’s made me want to learn how to code a plugin that could achieve this.

Use the standard function “Set default properties”.

  1. Select the text layer with the desired fill;
  2. Go to Main menuEditSet default properties;
  3. Try creating a new text layer.

Ohh, you have no idea what you’ve done <3

Had absolutely no idea this feature existed. Unbelievable.

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