Can't use "create component set" with component properties

Hey !
By the past, I was making all my components as frame, with renaming like for example :

  • Button / Primary / Hover
  • Button / Primary / Disabled

and at the end I was doing “create component set”. I did like that because I feel unfriendly the creation of variants directly inside the component mode. Renaming is harder to do than in my way, when you create a new variant it’s not positionning at the right place so you need to move it etc …

But since the new update, I wanted to use “component properties” for toggling element etc … but the fact is :

  • You can’t create component properties on something that isn’t component
  • To make a component set, you need to select elements that are not already composants

So I can’t use my method. What the greatest method for you to create variants ?

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