Can't find a way to change credit card information


I have some questions regarding the billing on Figma. Previously, I decided to pay for a yearly plan for the Professional plan until I enrolled into a course that allowed me to have that plan free as I am a student. After I changed my plan for a student plan, I can’t seem to find any details about the payment method I set before. I want to avoid being billed after my student plan is finished and I also can’t find any information about how long I still have for my student plan. Does anyone know where I could possibly check those information?

Also, I’d like to know if, after my student plan is finished, I will still have the rest of the months that I would still have if I haven’t changed to the student plan.

Hello Bruno15!
To manage your billing details, please check out our help center article: here
I’d also recommend you to reach out directly to the support team so they can check on the backend your account information: here

About your last question, if your student plan is finished, you’d need to upgrade your account if you still want to have the Professional plan features.
Additional resources on Verify education status here: Hope this helps!

Thank you for your reply, Céline!

Does that mean that if I paid for the Professional yearly plan and changed to Student plan, I will not be able to use the remaining months that I paid for from the Professional plan once the Student plan is finished?

Yes, you will not be able to use the remaining months as a plan can’t be on “stand by”. Let me know if you have any other questions!