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Can't edit styles descriptions in library branch

Hi all, I created a branch of my design library for the sole purpose of editing descriptions of styles and components. I am able to update those for components, but descriptions for styles cannot be edited. Is this a known issue?

Hi there. I tried to click on the link but I didn’t have view permission on that file.

What is happening exactly? Are you prevented from editing the descriptions? Or is it not merging properly?

Yes, I am prevented from editing descriptions for styles but not components. I’ll bet that if you make a branch of an existing library you have access to, you will experience the same thing.

Thanks. We’ve filed a bug internally and hope to have a fix soon!

Hi @Jake_Barlow, from the engineering team here, we’re hoping to have a fix out by tomorrow. Will let you know when that’s live. Sorry you hit this issue and thanks for flagging. I am curious if refreshing the tab on your branch solves this issue temporarily?

Good to hear a fix is coming, thanks. I had quit my browser, quit the app, restarted my machine, published/un-published/re-published, etc. but the problem persists.

Got it - thanks for letting me know.

@Jake_Barlow the fix should be live. Please let me know if it’s been fixed on your end.

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Thank you! It is fixed for me!!!

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