Can you force a sync/cache clearance on an Org Account for styles?

My team are having an issue with our text styles on our Org account and the CS team are taking a while to reply so I thought I’d try here.

We have our text styles published in their own library file. The display and are able to be used in that file perfect.

However, when we turn that library on in our assets panel in child components we are seeing duplicate text styles (previous names of styles or groupings). The styles that can be applied, have the correct name and values, delink when applied.

I’ve tried republishing and clearing cache locally. But checking with my team we all have the issue. It looks like there are conflicts on the server that aren’t propogating.

When the new auto-layout was introduced I had a similar issue and the CS team gave me a command that was hidden in the Search panel to force a clearance. However, I can’t find it.

Has anyone had this issue or can suggest other routes to get it working?