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Bugs - Problems to merge


I was using branches and I faced some problems I would like to report:

At the time I merged, some elements didn’t merge when I had a component with lots of variants in the original file called ‘“Input”, inside here there were variants with Input Text and Input number.

In the branch, I modified this component and I changed the name to “Input text” and the variants from input number I took them out from this main component and created a separate component called “Input number”.

When I merged, the input number that was new came alright, but the Input text didn’t come and the normal Input was kept.

At the time of merging didn’t come the conflict of choosing between keeping the component “Input” or the component “Input text” I guess because the names were different, and it didn’t bring all the new work I did.

Seems like we need to duplicate the original component so we don’t have a conflict. If we work in the same component and we change the name seems like Figma is not recognising it alright.

That was very bad, as I lost all the work I was doing.

I tried to recover the Archived branch to have it active and merge it again but there was no option to make the archived branch active.

I had to duplicate that so it created a new file and copy the new component and paste it manually in the original file.

I had a similar problem with another page that didn’t get merged. This was the guideline of this component that didn’t merge with the main file. When I copied that from the recovered branch to the main file, all the components were unliked and as well as all the styles and tokens that I had to relink all of them again manually.

These components unliked came as auto layout elements and were no longer components so I couldn’t actually link them again as this option didn’t exist… I had to manually drag them again from the assets panel. If they came as a components with a link error (e.g the original file is not found) then we could link them again in the panel and make this process much easier.

Another observation I have in all this process that has nothing to do with branches, is when we go to the History panel and go to previous versions, if we need to copy some specific element from an older version to take it to the current version this is not possible. To be able to do that we have to duplicate this specific version, it becomes a new document/file and if we copy an element from here to take it to the main file all the components come unlinked.

So far this are the conflicts I had yesterday and I lost all my day trying to fix all of them as Branches have many more problems that what I was expecting.

I hope this meesage helps you to fix some bugs and hopefully the Branches function works fully well very soon.

Jesica Sanchez

Hi Jesica,

Just sent you a DM.