Bug: Library 'Publish' button is blue, but doesn't do anything

I’ve made changes to a library to a certain component, and whenever I want to publish, I press the blue “Publish” button, but nothing happens. Literally nothing.

Here is a Loom of the issue: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Can’t wait to receive some help!



It keeps happening to me all the time. What had been working till now was restarting Figma, and opening the file again. But then, it stopped, and I’m stuck, unable to do my work. It happens both in the app and browser.

Any ideas?

The problem still persists for me unfortunately. The only way I was able to fix it was by someone else (another user) publishing the changes.

But still I’d also prefer a proper fix to this somehow.

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I am also not able to publish any changes for components. However, I am not even getting the publish button to turn active/blue. Literally nothing happens…no publish alert, no blue dot on “Assets”, no blue publish button. My ability to do any work is now at a standstill.

Hey all - does this seem to happen across all files/libraries you access? Or does it seem to just be specific ones?

I am getting other files to trigger the publish, so for now it is just this one failing file. Also, I was able to trigger a publish on that specific failing file by creating a new component, but it did not publish the changes that I made to other components. I’m actually not sure what it published because I didn’t look at the publish commit and I didn’t get the changes made to the component I needed.

It seems to be tied to a specific project. And this project is a project for an external client for which I was “just” added as an editor to the file (so the file is not in my org). However, what’s weird is that it worked previously, and then suddenly stopped working.

Same for me. It happens to one project only. It’s in my client’s organization, but publishing seems to work in any other project there.

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Got it - thanks for the extra info @Joanna_Statucka and @Rasmus_Dalboege

@Scott_Rouse - can you confirm if you’re seeing this in a project owned by an outside org as well? Or is it happening for you in files that are owned by yourself personally?

@knishida Hello, I have the same issue and I find the same solution like @Rasmus_Dalboege which is “The only way I was able to fix it was by someone else (another user) publishing the changes.” If someone published from the file, I can able to publish after them for a while, then nothing! The blue button of “publish” doesn’t work anymore and also, I have an external company account and I’m using it this way since December, I hope it’d help with the troubleshooting.

Hi guys, try to grant user an editor role on the project level. It works for us.

Unfortunately, I am experiencing the same problem and confirmed with my project administrator that I am an ‘editor’. I tap the button it get’s a heavy blue border for literally over a minute and is disabled then returns to the default state. Next to the button it says ‘You are publishing # out of # changes’ before, after, and during the button press.

Same problem. I have been invited to a file on which I wanted to do some updates.
Once done and trying to publish. ‘Publish’ btn does not do anything. No error message. It’s not disabled. It just does not do anything…
Very very frustrating, please fix ASAP.

Same here, I haven’t been able to find the solution yet, and I need to be publishing changes quite often so can’t rely on someone else to do it for me. I’ll keep following this thread and see if someones find the solution!

I am having issue when I tried to publish my library. The “Publish” button isn’t responding at at all. Please let me know if anyone has solutions for this issue


The same here.

The problem disappeared after restarting Figma.

If you don’t have that many components, try to select all your variants within a component and perform a description change on the props on the right, just put some text, and then remove it, this will trigger a change on all the variants.
I had a similar issue on one of my projects, might also be attached to variant issued and naming files with .master or things like that.
Let me know if that helps, basically you need to find the component that is causing the issues.

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