Bring back Inspect tab to Design Mode

As a designer, I relied heavily on inspect mode to review and fine-tune dimensions while working. It’s incredibly frustrating that the separation between the designer mode and the dev mode no longer allows me to conveniently perform these tasks. Being unable to access inspect mode hinders my ability to efficiently review dimensions and make necessary tweaks in real time. Again, incredibly frustrating!


Just out of interest, what was it you were accessing in inspect mode that you couldn’t in design mode?

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I use inspect mode to fine tune margins more easily, very frustrating that I have to switch back and forth between dev mode and design mode and can’t see the change in real time. Please change this.


I agree! This has been so frustrating, I use inspect a lot while designing to account for spacing between components, I will often times be moving components while watching the pixel count. I am no longer able to do this as I have to switch to dev mode continuously to monitor the spacing

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I felt the same at first and was very frustrated then I found this article explaining the shortcut to get the inspect margins in the design mode (option key on Mac) :tada:

After playing with the shortcut, it is still much less efficient/ practical than the inspect margins display though… Anyone knows how to revert back to the Software we had before the June update ?

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This new update without the inspect mode avaliable for design sucks :'C Figma was perfect as it was, please stop ruining it.

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