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Black bars on top and bottom of screen while transitioning

Hey all,

Quite new to Figma and the forums. But made my first four screen, went to prototype but when doing so I get black bars on the top and bottom of the screen.

I’m using simple settings:

On click-navagate to-(name of screen)-Push-(arrow intended).

*Also do not have smart animation matching layers selected.

But when I use these and go to play it, all animations play fine, but I get that black bar on top and bottom of the screen… any ideas as to what’s going on?

Can you show the video recording of what’s happening and maybe even a link to the file? It’s a bit hard to understand what black bar you are talking about.

yeah… its for a work project and I’m not privvy to post that at this time unfortunately. If I can explain it better I would… but its only happening during the screen transitions. once the screen transition has competed, the next screen display fine.

In this case it sounds like a bug. You might wanna reach out to Figma support via or Submit a request – Figma and send the screen recording + file link to them.

aaah… Shoot. Thanks for your assistance tho!