Allow user to edit padding in shapes

I create large, complex Information Architecture diagrams often.
I used to use Omnigraffle to do this, and I am trying to switch to FigJam for the collaboration.

So much of this works well - thank you.

My main issue is that the padding needed around the text to get all of the text to show up is excessive for this use case. I am trying to show a lot of information in as small an amount of space as I can…for me, seeing everything on the screen at once is more important than having adequate whitespace. However, with the text size and padding limitations in FigJam currently, I need to zoom out so much that my text is no longer legible -
(making the text bigger means the shapes need to be bigger to fit it which means I need to zoom out more which means the text is no longer legible… ad infinitum. )

I would love to be able to remove the padding from those shapes completely. I think the default you have currently makes sense for most use cases…but not for complex IA diagrams. I’m finding myself missing a lot of the flexibility I had in omnigraffle, and it leaves FigJam feeling like a poor and simplified replacement tool.

There has been another topic around this that was closed in October of this year.

(Control internal text padding or text wrapping for FigJam objects)

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