Allow designing from within device frame

I’m also having this issue where I can only see the iphone outline when it comes to present mode, but not when I make the frame in design. I want the outline of the phone while I design, not just afterwards. Why is this so hard to make happen? I’ve tried the prototype settings, but it just shows it in a tiny thumbnail and not where I actually need it to be (on design frame area). Please help, I want to be able to design inside the frame with the proper exterior DURING the working process, not just a preview afterwards.

Why even have all the different iphone/ipad/etc frames if you’re just giving white boxes? Why not make every single one come with the appropriate outline and then people can toggle on/off visibility as they choose?

Hey @Elise_D, sorry for the confusion!

You can choose a device from the Prototype tab, but the device is only ever shown in the presentation view. No one can edit their design from the Prototype tab; only in the Design tab. We’ll update your reply into its own feature request topic.

We’ll gauge interest for this capability from the community and use it for future consideration.

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hey there! thanks for your reply! yes, it’d be great to have that added as a feature request. I don’t know how to gauge placement of my elements without the boundaries of the iphone mask. Having a white blank square isn’t really helpful. Please ask them to make the visibility available in design mode. Thanks!