All admin access got revoked

All the admin access from every collaborators in our Figma got revoked. No one is able to access it. Any idea why? #help

Hi there,

Could you reach out to our support team: They will look into your account. Please make sure you use the email associated with your Figma account when you contact.


Solution brought by Alex from Figma support

This file lives in the drafts of a a restricted viewer in their organization, This is a permission level that prevents the user from editing or sharing any files in the organization workspace, including their drafts.

For everyone to regain access to this file, you’ll want to ask the owner to request an upgrade to a Full editor seat from the Organization admins. Alternatively, you can reach out to your Org admins directly to have them upgrade the file owner back to an Editor. Reaching out to your Organization admins to have them upgrade the owner back to a Full design seat may be the fastest option.

You can find out who your Organization admins are from the All teams tab in the file browser. The admins are featured on the right hand side.

Thank you !

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