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Adaptive hover tooltip bubble(with an arrow) that expands with text size

Hey guys,

I searched for topics and couldn’t find any that really solved my exact problem, so was hoping I could get some help from the community.

We have these info icons that help explain various aspects of our software when you hover/click on them. Here’s a screenshot of the icon & popup box

- in XD the hover effect is part of the component, it’s a natural state.

The way we prototyped it in Xd was very simple. We had a master component with placeholder text, copy/paste an instance of it and edit the text. The rectange around it auto-adapts to the text, but the triangle/arrow doesn’t stretch and the top of the rectangle stays in the same place all the time, while their drop shadows don’t overlap. It’s all incredibly easy to set up & hand over to developers … in XD

I’ve been playing around with it in Figma for way too many hours now and am at my wits end.

Duplicate the community file: Figma - Figma Interactive Components Playground (Beta) | Watch the recorded livestream! Simplify prototype creation with reusable, shareable interactive ..., and find the frame “Menus and Tooltips”.
You will need to add Auto Layout to the tooltip so that it can grow based on the text you enter.

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