Accessibility: Make FigJam search also respect image AltTexts

When using Cmd + F and typing I would also like to find images that contain an alt text that matches my search.

@Mikka_Wild_adesso oooh this is interesting feedback. Mind sharing more about how you use descriptive / alt text in your designs right now?

Do the images themselves have the alt text on them? Based on your request, I’m thinking that’s it, but let me know if you’re actually using text boxes to have alt-text as part of the design (since that should be findable when you’re searching on a file).

Also, please let me know if I misunderstood!

Hi @ksn,
what I meant is a little different. My post was regarding FigJam and its feature to add alt text to images imported to a board. When I add an alt text to an image on the board, this image is not shown when searching for the term entered in the alt text.