Ability for admins to set a banner notice to appear on all files in an organization

We’re looking for a banner with a custom message to appear across all files. Our privacy and security team is asking us to include a reminder (that can be dismissed) as a banner across the top of every file to remind everyone not to include any identifying information or private personal information in our Figma files.

It’s my understanding that users don’t have the option to set this up yet, but is it coming in the future??

@Alba4 I saw that you’ve been in touch with someone on the support team regarding this already, but just wanted to follow up to say on this post that this is not possible (and I don’t have any indication on if/when this would become a feature in the future on my end).

I’m going to convert your topic to a ‘share feedback’ one so others looking for this capability will be able to upvote. If you have any additional questions, feel free to start a new topic.