404 error despite being the file owner

Recently another person joined our and I (the admin) gave them edit access to all files. Last week I received an “invitation to edit” email from sent by the new team member to a file that I, as the account admin, already had access to, which confused me. I received another notification inside Figma itself showing that the new team member had changed me to be the owner of the file (I’m not sure what my permission was before if not owner, since I’m the one who created all the files currently in our Figma).

Ever since then I’ve been getting a 404 error whenever I use the “view main component in library” option on any components that are in the file the team member changed my access to. I’ve checked everything I can find/think of around file and team permissions in Figma, and according to all of it I should have unrestricted access to this file.

As the file in question is for our design system it’s important that I be able to access it to make component adjustments on the fly. How can this file’s permissions be repaired so that I can once again click “view main component in library” and be taken to the components in that file?

Hi there! Sorry to hear you are having issues to access to your library. Can you clarify what do you see in your 404 error message? Do you have this error message: “You don’t have access to this file”? (It would be great to have a quick screenshot / video recording when you try to have access to “view main component in library” to better visualise the issue.)

I also suggest you to reach out directly to the support team with a copy of your files (the one with your main library, and the affected file) here: https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Our team can investigate further and check your permission rights. Thank you!

Hi @Celine_Figma,

Thank you! Here’s a screenshare of the issue. I also submitted a support request to the Figma team via the method you suggested.

The issue

Thanks for taking the time to record the video! This looks odd, from what I’ve seen, you should have access to it. I confirm that we’ve received your ticket in our back end. For your reference, your ticket number is: #896731
I also shared internally the video you shared here for the investigation. Thanks for your patience in the meantime :pray:

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@Celine_Figma I figured out what the issue was!

The new team member deleted the original components file that everything linked to and replaced it with a local copy they’d been working on. I didn’t realize this until they mentioned something in a conversation today that set off alarm bells and made me check the trash.

Fortunately the original components file was still in there and I was able to restore it. The 404 errors resolved immediately and, after publishing the library again, all is well.

My new question is, “is there a way that I as the owner/admin can prevent editors from deleting files they aren’t the owner of so that they can’t accidentally obliterate the design system in one click :sob:


Hey @RizePoint_Product ! I am glad to hear you have found the root cause of the issue, and be able to restore the file!
To answer your question, unfortunately, anyone with “can edit” access to a file can delete or restore it for all collaborators. In order to prevent it, you can learn more about it in our article “Delete and restore files”. Hope this helps!