What if Figma had a "Go-to Selected" Feature?

Yeah, so I was working in Figma designing some stuff and while scrolling down through a long design, I realized that I selected a frame at the top, and I wanted to go back there, and then while scrolling back to the top, I thought of an idea, “What if Figma had a “Go-To Selected” feature”.

The way this feature works is that, If you have selected a Frame/Element/Something within the design file, and you move away from it, you could just click the “Go-To Selected” Button and it just zooms over to that selected Frame or Element. This feature saves you the time of scrolling back to where you were before.

What do you guys think?

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Thanks. Someone just told me now. Its actually “2”, and not Shift + 2

2 or Shift + 2. The shortcut depends on this setting:

You can also use this trick:


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