Solved: Is there a way to increase font size in FigJam?

I have found a way to change the connecting arrow text size but it feels hacky. This works for me 100% of the time. I am using the Figma desktop app on Mac (116.2.4)


  1. Click to make a regular text element and set the font size to the desired size (I chose medium, the default labels are tiny).
  2. Add a new label to the connecting arrows and start typing. The text size should be the same size as the text element you created.
  3. Delete the unneeded text element. You are only creating the text element to piggyback on the font change.

Not true if you are a figma template creator :confused: . This connector label is part of a Figma flow chart template. I have no idea how they pulled it off. Because I don’t get any controls for text size on connectors

This is great! Thank you.

Seems like it would be simple enough to add a text size dropdown to the toolbar? So strange.