Slack channel notifications

Hello All!

Was hoping to find an answer. I noticed channel notifications is now available for Slack, thats great!

I followed the walk through from the Figma integration page though I seem to be doing something wrong as I’m not getting notifications in the channel?

Just to add to this. I tried selection both page and project, then did some file updates to see if they came in as notifications though no luck.

Any help here much appreciated. :pray:

After connecting Figma and Slack, you will need to authorize the connection. Can you try authorizing the connection between Figma and Slack via this link. If you are still running into issues please contact our support team.

Thanks! Gave the link a try though got this message
{“error”:true,“status”:401,“message”:“Unable to verify request”}

Will get in touch with the support team :grinning:

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Same here, were you able to sort it out?

I tried connecting figma to slack from this link and it worked


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