Introducing my Figma plugin " - ChatGPT and DALL·E-3 in Figma"

FigPilot is an AI assistant designed for Figma artists. He has brought the latest and most powerful AI technologies, ChatGPT and DALL·E 3, to Figma. It supports Figma、FigJam and Dev mode

:art: Have a conversation with FigPilot and simply tell him that you want to create an image. He can generate any image you can imagine and insert it into your Figma canvas.

:fire: Have a conversation with FigPilot, and he can help you with copywriting, brainstorming, explaining any questions you have, etc. The text he generates can also be inserted into your Figma canvas.

:key: all features are free of charge. You only need to set up your OpenAI API Key. We will not collect any of your private data, and all settings are stored locally. This plugin only interacts with OpenAI.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please leave a comment or contact me on X

Currently there is chatgpt 4 and everything above is much better