FigJam Presentation Mode

Yes, same, I was evaluating Mural, and they have this presentation mode and additional fancy navigation capabilities between different sections or simply different areas of the canvas. So, you can create a nice storyline or simply a menu for navigating around the canvas without losing yourself

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Let’s bring this one back - would REALLY like this feature


The workaround I use:

  1. create Sections to fit the screen ratio/size
  2. add content into sections
  3. lock sections
  4. hide ui
  5. Select first frame and Zoom to Selection (SHIFT+2)
  6. use Tab to switch from one section to another while presenting.

I want to be able to run my jam like a slideshow. I want to be able to add notes to the show while presenting and then have students be able to access what I wrote on the jam during and after class. I want to be able to print the jam like a print a power point or Google slides.

This would be a nice feature to have

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This is a lovely workaround.

But I think it can only be used to present when, for example, screen sharing?

I would like a facility similar to that in Jamboard where the other users of the board can easily navigate around different ordered sections. Under their own control.

Is there any update on whether a presentation mode is planned?