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Change Another to:

I can have an item within a component with variants change to another variant. Your tutorial shows how I can have a main component that is instanced within other frames and I can add interactions to navigate to those frames directly from the main component, but when I have a similar menu component instanced into another component with variants, I cannot play the same game. I cannot have a main component tell another component to change to a variant of itself. IT WOULD BE REALLY GREAT IF I COULD.

If there was an option to “Change Another to:” and be able to drag my noodle to a components variant in the same way I can drag it to a frame, then I could have the same workflow from your tutorial in a more complex situation.

Also, if I could stack “Change Another to” actions, then I could have a component that exist outside of several other components that could change that variant of multiple components at once.

This could even be done with instances in the same frame:

Example: I have two components instances in a frame that both need to change variants when a single action happens. I drag two noodles from the button instance on that same frame to those instances that need to change and select the variant that will be called. It would be the only time a noodle could connect to something on the same frame and it will only connect to components with variants and the “change another to” type would be autoselected. The user would only need to set the target variant.

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