Zoom with scroll wheel jumps too much

  1. Today morning i’m facing issues with zoom in and out, now it gradually zooms in with ctrl+ scroll, before is zooms slowly. Now it has become difficult to zoom perfectly in any area to work

I have the same. Have you resolve this problem yet?

I checked my work PC and can confirm this is not an issue in Windows 10. So this is only an issue on lower version. But it used to work, so the programmers of Figma must have changed something. Please correct this issue, because its in integral part of designing, zooming in and out constantly.

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Good news, today it’s working fine! :dancer:

Hopefully it’s just an error and not a new feature.

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I too can confirm it seems to work again. But… does this mean there was a bug? Or does this mean Figma Desktop is updated without us knowing? Or something else?

This was due to fixing one problem, but led to another. You can find out more in this topic: Windows pinch zoom on figma is too fast (HDPI drivers)

It zooms in a crazy amount and out a crazy amount.
The only way I can zoom on laptop is ctrl + scroll.

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New update version got error with Windows Figma app.

Normaly, when I press Ctrl+scroll mouse to zoom in or out it change about 20%-30% of scaling, happy with that. However, now it jump from 9% to 50% and upto 260% and upto 1414% for each time scrolling. It’s so huge change.
On my macbook and imac is normal.

Is there any setting for this problem or is it an error? Thanks.

Yes, I’m having this zooming issue in Chrome browser on Windows 10. Figma zooming worked perfectly fine until sometime in the last 1-2 months when something changed and it zooms way too far now, making it very tiring and awkward to navigate around.

Did they fix the “pinch to zoom” issue but cause an issue for those of us using a normal mouse?

Having the same issue

same issue

Same issue here. Using a MacBook Pro M1 Max and the zoom speed is crazy. :frowning: When I use the touchpad it is very smooth, but with a mouse (Logitech G Pro) it is choppy and fast.

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After battling with this for several days I finally found a solution. I found an app called Mos (free and open source) which allows you to tweak macOS’s mouse scroll settings per application. Here are the settings that I am using which feel really nice!

It’s a shame that macOS has such crap support for 3rd party mouses. I also tried an app called Smooze Pro which helped with other apps but not Figma. Mos seems to work better in most cases so far.


has anyone find the solution for this? is this some kind of bug or something…

I found a solution that worked fine for me, in windows reduce the scroll count in mouse settings.


this one works! if you set it under 4 lines it will works


this works!!!

I have got a solution for smoother zooming.
Go to Menu>Preferences>Enable Use Alternate Zoom Handling