Zoom issue when scrolling

I have an issue with the scroll zoom in Figma. In other programs and websites, zooming with the mouse scroll wheel works just fine. However, in Figma, it does not work as it should. It kind of works, actually, but very, very slowly. I have to zoom in with the scroll wheel for about 30 seconds to reach the desired level. I have tried adjusting the mouse sensitivity in my Windows settings, but Figma is not affected by it. I should mention that a few months ago, it used to work just fine, and now I have the same problem regardless of whether I use Figma in the browser or the downloaded program. Has anyone else had the same issue? How can I fix it? I would appreciate your help a lot.

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Hey @Cristinel, thanks for reaching out and sorry for the trouble!

We’ve merged your topic with a similar one here in the community. There are some suggestions and workarounds there that may help.