Your alerts to upgrade are too intrusive

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    In almost every corner of Figma, I’m seeing a note reminding me to upgrade.

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    You let me use Figma for free for so long, and now all of a sudden I’m seeing yellow warnings, full-width banners and annoying text below the page outline because apparently I have more files than I should (according to your new rules).

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    Am I the only one unhappy about this?

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Hi @Max1

I’m sorry that you are disappointed in the amount of upgrade messages you see.

Figma makes it’s money with the sale of paid plans. As stated in the Privacy Policy, they do not sell your data. With the rapid growth of the Figma platform, they need to be able to hire and pay more employees. I’m assuming this is the reason for the spike in ads.

Bye now!

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I get that, and if there’s any UX platform I’d subscribe to it would be Figma without a doubt.

But there’s a fine line between encouraging your loyal users to pay, and pushing them to look for alternatives. Otherwise, ask Sketch!

Time will tell. If they see active users dropping, surely they might find this post handy.

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I agree with what you say.

Another problem with the monetizing is that for independent designers, paid plans aren’t important. I think it would be better for them to add more features to the paid plan then to encourage people to buy existing packages.

I encourage you to stay with Figma for now! It is a great platform and it listens to its users. In this case, I will reach out to Josh with your complaint and ask if there are any alternatives to the situation!


While I agree, what kinda annoys me is that even in the professional plan you get “upgrade to oganisation” messages. They are thankfully not as prominent but nevertheless I have to see them every day. When I am already paying I would like to not get additional messages to pay more if I am honest.

I can attest to this ‘problem’.

While I know I’m a Free user enjoying your awesome product, having 4 areas asking to upgrade and each Team having its own exclamation mark… is somewhat excessive.

At one time the exclamation marks were gone, but now they have returned.

A screenshot of the current state, with all advertising areas outlined in red.

PS: I was already a big user, before the limitations of 1 project, 3 files was implemented, so that’s why you see the ‘files used’ message exceeding the 3 file threshold.