You will lose the Chinese market

Due to exchange rate issues, Figma’s pricing is too high for most ordinary UI designers in China. The impact is that we cannot use the basic function of component library sharing, and we are not allowed to call it even in our own design drafts. , This is very unfriendly, we can’t complete the design system.

We have to look for alternatives to Figma. There are already many competing products in China. Their functions are highly consistent and they are free. The only problem now is that they have just started, and there are bugs and interaction problems.

If they wait for their basic functions to complete the public beta, I believe that all Chinese companies and at least 510,000 UI designers will switch to using Chinese software, because these basic functions are free of charge. Free is a fatal advantage in China. For figma, you may lose the Chinese market

I don’t get it. You are saying Figma will lose the market but at the same time you are saying the “market” wants a free product. In this case how would Figma benefit from working with this “market” (not really a market cause markets aren’t free).

I understand that maybe you want a cheaper Figma plan but at the same time if you will have software that would provide all this for free, then Figma will lose regardless. So what are you trying to say with your post?

P.S. Just to clarify, I don’t work at Figma.

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