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You have a week to restore your team

Hello, I just received an email threatening to delete my team if I don’t restore it (see text below). Is there anyone that can help me understand what this means and why it was sent?

I only created the project about 3 weeks ago. The team is established and working in the project every day. So it is active.

The email instructs me to contact support if I have questions. I did that, and I got a message saying that support no longer responds to emails. Very annoying.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you


You have a week to restore your team "XXXX Website"

You are receiving this email to confirm that your team has a week left before it is permanently deleted. This means that you’ll no longer have access to your team’s files, projects, prototypes, and shared components. If you’d like to get access anytime before then, you can click here to restore your team.

After a week, your team will be permanently deleted and you will not be able to restore any of its data.

If you believe this is an error or have any questions, please email
end email

This email means that you deleted a team several weeks ago and you can restore it if necessary. Perhaps you created a separate team with the same name accidentally and then deleted it?

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Thanks Gleb. That makes sense now. That’s what happened. I was working out how to set everything up and got a little tangled. I did figure out the teams thing eventually. Thank you for the quick reply.

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