Wrong zoom shortcut behaviour in Firefox browser, Figma or Figjam

I’m Working on Firefox 118.0.2 on IOS

Zoom in (⌘-) works correctly, it zooms only content.
Zoom in (⌘+) zooms content but also the UI.
Zoom to 100% (⌘0) doesnt work, to reset anything, I have to use the menu, then it works.

The only topics I found about this are unfortunately already closed. Also, none of them deal with the browser version.

I can’t put the question here in the forum as a bug, the only choice I have here is the category “plugin and widget bugs” but not the Figma or FigJam browser version. So for now I’ll ask the community.
Since I am new here in the forum, maybe someone can help me where the right category is?

Best regards

Hi there thanks for reaching out! Could you submit a bug as following this article? Once you hit Contact us button via “?” mark in the Figma app, you can submit. Thanks again!


Hi there, can you try the steps as attached? I hope it works!