Wrong interactions on Toggle's prototypes

Flow Test 1
I design a simple element, a toggle, with 2 rounded squares and shadows for each of them.

After, I created an animation with 6 steps in smart animate :

  1. while overing
  2. while pressing
  3. on click
  4. while overing
  5. while pressing
  6. on click

The 3rd and the 5th go wrong.
But the 2nd and 6th, the exact opposite, run perfectly well.

Flow Test 2
I rebuild the toggle from scratch without shadows. Same problem at the exact same positions…

PS) I took a toggle made by someone in my team. Build the same interactions. Flow Test 3
No Problem. But now I have a weird shape which appear in the right down corner at every interactions.
And different white shadows on down corners of every variants. Weird.

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