Wrap elements in Auto Layout and preserve resizing of children

I would love to hear what you think of this, but I find myself thousands of times grabbing autolayout children, that I have already arranged as fill container, and when wrapping them with a new auto layout resizing resets to fixed… so I have to click, select all and update again.

Expected behavior:
If I select auto layout children and I hit Shift + A, a new auto layout is created and it’s children preserve the resizing they had.
A plus would be that also father inherits the same resizing prop, if it’s the same for all of his children.

I’ve made a plugin called “Pro Layout Panel” that does exactly what you said, maintains the children node’s resizing behavior unchanged when adding AL, father inherits resizing prop if it’s the same for all of his children, also implemented a lot of AL related native bug fixes and workflow improvements. :smiley: Check it out → Here

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