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Would love to change multiple matching variant properties at once

Hi there creators!

Would love to be able to change the matching properties of multiple variant instances all at once! I’m working on building out common variations (using variants) for the majority of my components, such as iOS/Android and Light/Dark mode.

After some tests, it was discovered that if your selected variant instances share the same property/value combinations, you’re not allowed to change those all at once.

To test, I created three variant groups, with each of their components having a “Type: Light” and “Type: Dark” property/value.

Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 2.14.24 PM

This is a concept of what I expected and would like to happen,

Unfortunately, when you select multiple variants with the same property/values, you are not able to change those collectively. Would love to select an entire group of components and change them all to dark mode instantly.

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This is a known limitation. Feel free to create a topic in #product-ideas or edit this one to be more of a suggestion than a question so people can find and understand the problem and vote for it to be solved.

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I ran effectively the same test yesterday, hoping that it would be a back door into theming. This could be a fantastic way to handle that need.

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