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Worrying issues found

I assume Figma Cloud has updated something. Whatever happened, now we’re having problems with accents (which we never had) and now I discovered columns and rows layout are gone, I can only choose grids.

In the first case (accents) Figma only adds the accent without the letter . This problem comes and goes (see image with only accents where it should be áéíóú . We tested with different fonts and it’s teh same: if it works, it works for all fonts. If it doesn’t work (because it’s a random behavior) it doesn’t work for any font


About layout, now we see this:

imagen .

No columns, no rows, but a mysterious WordPress grid added.

We’re experiencing this on the cloud version, using 3 iMac , one with Catalina, the other 2 with Big Sur.

The desktop clients works just perfect, so it’s not a big deal. Also, if we do it in the desktop client, when synchronized it syncs correctly. So, again: it’s not a big deal, but thought you should know.

Thank you for a great tool!

This seems like a bug so you should definitely report it to Figma support team via or the support request form.