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Working on a multi-language project

So we use Figma as product prototype development tool.
We are working primarily in English but we have now reached a point where we need to create 3 different languages (e.g English, German and Greek) for each screen that we have built so far.

Since we have a custom translation team working on copies, we cannot rely on a translation plugin to test our designs and we cannot simply duplicate screens because design constantly changes.

So as a Product Design Manager I would like to present an alternative product screen copy/text to my team without having to duplicate screens. This will allow our teams to work independently, and test our designs in different languages.

Here’s an idea of how this can be done:

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Perhaps branching can help you in the future. Where, for example, Main is for English, and for other languages ​​- separate branches.

Hey good idea @tank666 never though about this. I still haven’t gotten my approval for the beta. Where should I knock to get beta access?

Unfortunately this feature is Org-only.

And I cannot test this feature to see if it fits our use-case as I am on the Pro-model, and the Org-trials can be made with at least 10 users/designers which we don’t have in our company.

That’s just a letdown from every side. :pensive: