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Windows pinch zoom on figma is too fast (HDPI drivers)

Hi, I am also facing the same issue where the pinch zoom is not working properly. Is there any way to fix it locally?

Would love a fix for this as well…

I have the same problem, it is painful to use Figma now :frowning:

I’m facing the same problem, any fixes yet?

Same here!

@sumanth @Fella_Feeds @Sam12

If i’m understanding correctly your trackpads stopped working with the interim fix that poiru put in, and when we took it back out you’re back to working right? Could you please let me know what hardware/browser/OS you’re using? We need to put this fix back in and want to make sure it doesn’t re-break your setup

Experiencing this on my Surface Pro. Pinch to zoom is way too sensitive. Why is it so hard to fix? This is a basic usability feature!

Hi, this issue went away for me after the aug 24 updates mentioned further up the thread. I have amd 5700xt,amd 5900x, Opera (I use the desktop app), Windows 10 64bit

Hi, I am also facing the same issue with fast pinch zoom. Is there any way to fix it?

Having the same issue… Razer Blade 15 2021, desktop app… and it’s really bothering me.
Please fix this.

Same. Crazy wild zooming on windows.

Trackpad on asus laptop from 2020

hello, anybody here?)

Morning, everyone :blush:

We’ve got an experimental fix being rolled out slowly to try and address the issues many of you have seen. If you notice an increase in trackpad problems, please leave a comment with the Windows device you are using (brand + model + OS version). Thanks everyone!

The fix seems to have broken Ctrl+mouse wheel scrolling, which is now jumping by huge steps instead of the usual small increments

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Hi can you let me know what computer/os/mouse you’re using? Also i can remove you from the flag to fix it for you while we investigate that hardware if you DM me your email

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Same problem here, ctrl+ mouse wheel scrolling increments a lot. Hard to use Figma after this. Lenovo Thinkpad L580, Windows 10, Logitech MX Master 3

DM Me your email if you want me to roll you back while we investigate. Thank you for sharing the details. To be clear, it worked well prior to last week and now is working poorly?

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Hi, I’m having this issue as well. Lenovo Y520, WINDOWS 10, Logitech G pro.

Same issue. Framework w/ Windows 10 and their touchpad

Zoom issue @ Windows 11 + ASUS VivoBook S712DA-BX356T