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Windows pinch zoom on figma is too fast (HDPI drivers)

I’m also facing the same issue for the first time

This is now an issue for me as well after I restarted Figma

@Fella_Feeds @Sam12 Would you be able to visit Zoom visualizer and post a screenshot after pinch-zooming a little bit?


@poiru same problem

We reverted to the old pinch zoom behavior so it should be working for you again @sumanth @Fella_Feeds @Sam12. We’ll try to fix this again in a way that works for everyone tomorrow.

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Thank you very much, @poiru. It now works flawlessly.

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I’m also experiencing the same problem after the new figma update. The Zoom in moves too fast from 16% to directly 2436%.

ThankQ @poiru It’s working now, by closing all the tabs and reopened.

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Hey @poiru Thank you so much for your effort. Unfortunately, I’m still experiencing the same issue even after having updated, restarted my windows, and even closed all of them along with the app and reopened everything again

Aw man, I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I opened Figma to see that this had been fixed, only to find that it’s back to not working this morning :frowning:

Unfortunately we had to revert the fix due to the issues reported above. Stay tuned, we’re working on fixing it in a way that works well for everyone.


I hope this update takes into account that on CTRL+Middle mouse, the in/decrease of zoom was huge. So both this pinch and the other zoom is updated accordingly. Thanks for your great product!

I just updated Figma in the hopes this problem would finally be resolved, but sadly the pinch to zoom problem remains unresolved (at least for me…) :pensive:

Can confirm that the issue has not been fixed. Pinch to zoom is way too fast. Does the same thing on my desktop PC as well as my Macbook Pro running Bootcamp (with Windows Precision Drivers).

I’m also facing the same issue for the first time

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Same here, i’m facing the same issue

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Pinch Zoom is also way too fast on my Razer Blade Windows laptop. Hoping for a fix soon.

Same issue here. It’s too fast zooming in / out using the touchpad. Almost unusable.

100% a reason propelling me to leave Figma even though I dont want to.