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Will font managers be supported in the future?


I love Figma since day one and evangelized many people to try it. But one thing is missing and I’m sure you’re aware of it : font managers compatibility.
It’s a real problem that we can’t use our personal fonts easily unless we install them in the system.

Figma is a very active app and it’s surprising that this feature isn’t supported yet.

Are there important system limitations that cause problem ? Are there plans to do it soon ?

Have a nice day !

Figma doesn’t share its roadmap but if there is enough interest, it will more likely be implemented. You can edit your topic to turn it into a suggestion and set the category to #product-ideas so people who have the same issue can vote for your idea to be implemented. Or feel free to create a new topic with the idea description in that category.

By the way, I think it works with some font managers. So I’d also recommend to specify the font manager you are having issues with and maybe reach out to its developers and tell them about the issue with Figma.

And finally if you feel like this is more of a bug than a suggestion, you can reach out to Figma Support via the support request form or and report an issue.

Thank you for your answer ! I know i’m not the only one who faces this issue. There were some messages on Spectrum since the beginning. I guess it works on Mac but not on Windows. I’ll add the suggestion to #product-ideas .