Why top voted features are not implemented but lower voted?

I have thew feeling that Figma implement more new features that sounds great for marketing but not for daily work. Why are so top voted features like:

open since a year? Ok, this selection is a selection of my top needed features, but they are all listed at the first page if I look for top voted feature requests. And there are familiar features under different titles so the total votes will be huge. But I cannot remember when Figma added such basic features to it. The last really great update was Interactive Components. But now it’s time to improve the basics.

I agree, it’s been a while. Even though I don’t expect a change soonish, it’d be nice. Meanwhile I found that for the absolute position problem it at least can be worked around in some use cases (as described in the topic).

It’d be really nice to have some insight in what the team is working on or the problems they are facing (on these issues). Would make for a nice blog/video perhaps.

Other than that, I do understand that they prioritize certain things.

There exists a workaround for a lot of missing things, also for the border issue I mentioned. But the workarounds make the projects more intransparent, more complex and it takes more time to build. And in our case harder to work together with the developers. Because they need to know what is a workaround and what needs to be developed.

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