Why some of the text is not showing when I play the prototype?

I’m new to figma and my prototype is not displaying some of the text that I have written when I click play button https://www.figma.com/file/X0SJH0OUVRHoXpuTe38QhF/Untitled?node-id=0%3A1&t=7XagHdEZHrmpL3qC-1 . I understand that my prototype is a bit messy with all frames and etc but how can I fix this quickly?


Hello dear

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The solution is an easy one, You have to put your text in the frame and not above or under it.

Since your learning, I suggest use clean layering name so that you don’t get use to messy layering, It causes heavy problem on real products

Screenshot 2022-11-23 112818

your layers muse be inside the selected frame

I’m sorry to be annoying but how do I do it? Could you please write an instruction? I tried following few tutorials and clicking buttons (doing it myself) but then when I click Play prototype - that section that I clicked “Frame selection” on - appears as different prototype in my presentation.

Hey @Mykola_Havrylov

No worries, We are here to help

Simply, select the text layers in the picture I attached last time ( you can multi-select by holding Ctrl ) and then drag them into the frame called Design Mykola … and then play the prototype and your problem should be fixed.

I suggest you read this articles to see how layouts and auto layouts works, so can have a better understanding: