Why Shantell Sans font does not exist on Figma?

I need Shantell Sans font on Figma. I know, I can use Figma Desktop instead. But currently, I use Figma web on Linux.

The Shantell Sans font was exist on Google Font Shantell Sans - Google Fonts but does not exist on Figma.

Hey @Ahmad_Muhardian ,
Thank you for flagging this! At the moment, Figma’s native fonts comes from a Google font library version circa January of 2022, any fonts added to Google Fonts library (updated or uploaded) since then, we won’t have it unfortunately. (So, this font may have been impacted, as I can see they release update recently here).

That being said, we do routinely update the Google font library version we use, though it’s not a continuous sync. Hope this clarifies!