Why "move to project" greyed out? (i'm owner)

i want my draft move to team project but move to project is greyed out like screenshot


what should i do to transfer figma file to team project?

Hey @user618,

Can you please confirm that you’ve clicked on an empty spot in the canvas to deselect any layers before attempting to move your draft to a project?

@dvaliao yeah, i clicked on empty spot. and still same.
other drafts are fine with “move to project” button.
but the draft designer transferred ownership to me is greyed out.
is ownership transfer effects “move to project” function?

Please reach out to the support team directly via this form for help: Submit a Request

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@dvaliao thx for help. could you tell me about how long it take to get response from Submit Request?

Does the top panel show “Drafts” or do you only see the file name?

If you only see the file name, the file was moved to a team by one of the editors and you no longer can move it unless you join a team it’s placed in.

What is the possible solution , also facing same issue

I understand the issue. But what is the recommended solution here?

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