Why is the color of the avatar different from the highlight/follow color?

I often get disoriented and confused around what color means with regard to unique users I’m collaborating with on any given Figma file.

For example:

A user’s color may be red, and this applied to their cursor, the color that frames the file when you’re following them, and the color of the line above their name when you hover over them. However, this user did not set a profile avatar image, there’s a placeholder letter on a green background, which is green (different from the red).

Why aren’t these two colors the same? Is it that their avatar color is static and global, and not dynamic and context-based? If so, can it be? I don’t think the people who haven’t set their profile picture really care what color they always are.

Or maybe there’s another solution to this.

Thanks in advance!

Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 1.04.24 PM

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