Why is the bottom of my site design cut off in presentation mode?


For some reason, the bottom of this site design is cut off in presentation mode. When I view with “fill screen” I can scroll all the way to the footer but all other options won’t scroll to the bottom of the design. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it!

A link to the prototype would be helpful, but I suspect I know what’s happening. Try this:

  1. Nest the frame you want to scroll (ScrollGuy) inside ANOTHER frame (PointlessContainer)
  2. Set PointlessContainer to fill vertically. Set ScrollGuy to fixed height.
  3. Set ScrollGuy to clip contents
  4. Set ScrollGuy to scroll vertically
  5. Give ScrollGuy a bottom padding

What SHOULD happen is that now when you scroll to the bottom of ScrollGuy there’s space below the content versus it being cut off by the bottom of the screen. I hate the way Figma does this SO MUCH, because it’s counterintuitive and requires creating a bunch of nonsense layers just to do one thing. But it’s the way they’ve decided to make it work, so.