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Why is resizing box with corner radius impossible?

I have a box with corner radius that I can not change size of, it’s driving me crazy. The size adjustments in the right column are greyed out and i cannot drag anything but the corner radius with the pointer. I’ve searched for hours what this is but I can’t find anything. See screen shot of my problem. Trying to resize the whole box takes with it the text and cross, no matter if I use Cmd/Ctrl-resizing or not, so when I try to just resize the inner box this happens. I am out of ideas and have tried everything. Please help.

Screenshot 2021-03-11 at 20.51.29|611x500

Based on the purple selection box around the element tells me that this is a component instance, which means you can only override certain elements. To adjust the size you’ll need to either detach the instance or edit the original component. Hopefully that makes sense. :slight_smile: