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Why is my header image not showing up in preview mode?

I’m working on a mockup of a website. The title bar is consistent across the site so I simply took a screenshot and pasted it in. However, it’s not visible in preview mode. Instead, that area is white as if nothing was there. Is this a bug? What can be done?

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Can you clarify how you did this?

Screenshot of what? Of the title bar of your web browser or something?

How did you ‘paste it in’ ? By creating a frame then putting the image into it through File > Place Image or some other equivalent path?

I thought creating an object in this way should work like any other object in your design. It has for me with social media icons where I obtain the official image from an external source - outside figma - then put the image in a frame like that).

It may have been outside the frame… I just clicked in figma and pasted it in.