Why is it that when I am removed from an organization my Figma restarts and I have to change my password?

I was recently removed from an organization and as they did not notify me my Figma was restarted, I tried to log in with my credentials, but they did not work finally I had to change my password, I do not find sense in this.

@Ferney_Palacio_Hernandez did you need to reset just your password or your email as well?

Just my password

Got it. It sounds like you may have only been a guest in the organization you were removed from (and not an internal employee). Is that correct?

If so, the org you were removed from likely had specific SAML SSO settings (ex: sign in via Google to access the org) – being removed from the org would then remove you from those settings, thus you needed to reset your password to be able to sign into your account again.

Perfect, thank you very much for the explanation, I didn’t understand why I had to change my password on my account knowing that it was just to remove myself and that’s it, but if this is the requirement of an SSO makes a lot of sense,

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