Why I'm charged from Fiigma for 4 design seats

I was charged from Figma for 3 other perssons. I’m not even sure why. I’m not even an owner of the design file. Can it be because a design system and omponents are used? Very strange. I pay for 3 other people and even not sure why.

I believe if you share any file with someone and allow them editor access, that will count when charging you.

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Hi @Serge_Konko ,
As @Bryce_Driesenga explained, the role of your user, as either a Viewer or an Editor, determines whether they are a free or paid user.

- Paid user: If you give access to the file with the Editor role (they can edit any files they have permission to edit within their team or organization), they are counted as paid users.
- Free user: Accounts with the Viewer or Viewer-restricted roles are free. Both of these roles can interact with files, but they can’t make any changes. If a Viewer performs an upgrade action, they automatically become a paid account. We recommend using the Viewer-restricted role to avoid adding unexpected paid seats to your billing account.

For more information, you can read this Help Center article: here

Hope it helps!

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