Why I'm charged from Figma for 4 design seats?

I was charged from Figma for 3 other perssons. I’m not even sure why. I’m not even an owner of the design file. Can it be because a design system and omponents are used? Very strange. I pay for 3 other people and even not sure why.

I believe if you share any file with someone and allow them editor access, that will count when charging you.

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Hi @Serge_Konko ,
As @Bryce_Driesenga explained, the role of your user, as either a Viewer or an Editor, determines whether they are a free or paid user.

- Paid user: If you give access to the file with the Editor role (they can edit any files they have permission to edit within their team or organization), they are counted as paid users.
- Free user: Accounts with the Viewer or Viewer-restricted roles are free. Both of these roles can interact with files, but they can’t make any changes. If a Viewer performs an upgrade action, they automatically become a paid account. We recommend using the Viewer-restricted role to avoid adding unexpected paid seats to your billing account.

For more information, you can read this Help Center article: here

Hope it helps!

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So any editor can simply add a new license??? without any intimation that it will be charged in the next month’s billing cycle???

Let’s say that. This is so unfair that Figma doesn’t even inform you about the payments. This is done on purpose and IMO these business practices are not okay.

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This is a huge stitch-up. Just checked my account and there’s 13 seats.

I thought you didn’t sell out to Adobe? Cause this is some Adobe level rubbish.

Where’s the UI to let me know sharing assets immediately creates paid users!!!

Almost close enough of a screw up to get my whole yeam off the product. 1/10 Figma. 1/10.

This is incredibly disappointing. While trying to learn Figma, I sent a file to a friend for help and was charged an extra 15 dollars because they were added as a design seat. I didn’t catch it in time before I got billed for it. Ridiculous and very very disappointing…

There should be a warning when sharing that I will be charged if I don’t configure the settings correctly.


Does this also apply to FigJam? If I invite people to collaborate on a FigJam are they now consider ‘editors’ and seat licenses are added to our plan?

Hi there,

If you invite someone and they join the FigJam as an editor, they will be considered as an editor.The following Help Center articles may assist you in understanding this concept better:

We greatly appreciate your feedback and have shared your thoughts with our internal team.


So do I get this right?

Person A has signed up with Figma and pays for a full design license.
Person B has signed up with Figma and pays for a full design license as well.

Person A invites B to edit a file.
Person A has to pay 2 design seats now? So 3 licenses total? And the only way you get informed about this is by the amount of your next invoice?

This is not how collaboration works and fraudulent behaviour in my opinion.

You should be ashamed, Figma

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Was having this same issue - when trying to upgrade my own individual plan, the pricing page was trying to charge me for 2 seats, even letting me know that 1 seat was empty. Yet nowhere am I seeing a way to reduce to 1 seat.

I had to click the “+ Add seat” button to access a page that then let me manually decrease from 2 seats to 1.

This is very toxic design. The fact that I have to click a link that does the opposite of what my goal is makes zero sense. The fact that it was suggesting I even purchase 2 seats when I had only ever shared a file with a team member, again, makes zero sense.

Hard not to think Figma is just trying to get free unintentional income through this. Absolutely shameful design. The only reason I’m still staying with this product is because the software is just too good, and my team uses it. If this weren’t the case, I wouldn’t hesitate to stop supporting this company for ethical reasons. Huge bummer.

Figma, please get your act together.

I have also been charged for extra seats without realizing. It’s not the first time that this has happened and the last time that it did I made sure to make a mental note not to give design permissions to anyone else… somehow I have still managed to get charged! Ok, so I must have made a mistake, but it really does seem like Figma could inform me with a pop up when I’m about to get charged for an extra seat. Almost every service in the world informs their customers when they are about to incur an extra charge. When they don’t it is generally considered to be a shady business practice.

Figma is a really well designed tool - very user friendly. Therefore I find it hard to believe that their billing system could be so lacking in transparency without it being by design. Could the development team please fix this? I’m pretty sure it would take them an afternoon to sort out. It’s not a new feature or even a bug, just a small tweak that would have saved me from being unfairly charged at 3x the rate I should have.