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Why icon overrides are not preserving?

Hi, I have created a button variant with an icon and when I am changing the button size and icon it doesn’t preserve my overrides. For example

  1. As a base, I have an icon on the left + label.
  2. I am changing the icon and label text.
  3. I am changing the icon size → icon override doesn’t preserve but the text override is correct.
    Why is that? All layers have the same name so I don’t know why it’s not working :frowning: I have separate skeletons for each size. Could that be a problem?

Here is a video

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I also am experiencing what I think may be the same issue. I just rebuilt a tab component with variants from the ground up, being very careful to preserve identical layer names and structure (though it’s not possible for me to preserve the same order for some things like whether a line is first or last in an auto-layout frame). Using the same skeleton pieces, same icon subcomponent, etc. But when I went to test the component, I was able to change the visibility of some items using the variant controls but not successfully change the size or theme (dark vs. light). At least not successfully; the icon overrides I made don’t carry across the variants. :frowning: Here’s a gif of what happens:

And here’s my large layout of tab variants:

Can anyone haaalp!!?