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Why has my auto-layout 'changed' its behaviour?

For each row of the design below, I have a hidden “highlight” layer that sits behind the text, so I can show/hide depending on context (eg. the last row). The rows have vertical auto layout applied.

However, I came back to the design today and when I show/hide the highlight - instead of constraining to the size of the highlight (like it did before, even when it’s hidden), it constrains to the size of the text instead and messes up the layout (as shown on the right).

Any idea why there is this sudden change in behaviour, whether it’s a bug or is it expected?

Please see video demo below, where I show/hide and it messes up the layout.

Hi @Kylie1, I noticed that your text layer is in a group and not in a frame, and so I believe this is the expected behavior.

I would advise you to wrap your text layer in Auto Layout, set up paddings and fill for this frame. Thus, you can turn off the display of the fill in the property panel, and not use a separate layer.

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